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At Thrive Counseling we believe that what we discuss is confidential.  We provide a welcoming and comfortable environment.  We encourage participation, openness and honesty. 

We walk with you whether the journey is short or long.  For us Keep.Moving.Forward is more than a catch phrase, it is a purpose, a mission, a goal. 

What our Clients are Saying About us

Since meeting with A.J., I have improved in a lot of qualities where I need a lot of work in. Prior to joining this amazing program, I had a difficult time controlling my anger, I had home issues that I didn't know how to cope with, and inner issues where I desperately needed guidance. It took time, but eventually I've seen progress in myself.

Through all the activities, group and individual sessions, I learned to control my anger, I learned ways to cope with home, and I received the guidance that I needed. All I can say now is "Thank you, A.J., I'm a better me, because of you!

- Client, age 18

"I entered high school very much alone and insecure. I found my way to A.J.. She helped me realize that my problems don't define me: it's what I decide to do with them. My circumstances don't make me: I do. She helped me with coping skills so that when problems do arise, I can not only handle them, but I can resolve them correctly and responsibly.

I've learned to be more receptive to people and get over my insecurities and build my self confidence and self esteem. She has built me up as a friend, as a daughter, and a person, spiritually and emotionally as well as physically. I am very grateful to God for bringing her into my life."

- Client, age 16

Being a child who has dealt with depression and daily tasks since a young age, I've talked to many counselors and many mentors who haven't quite understood me and only frustrated me further more.  Dealing with my sexuality, having to take care of my grandma while she was suffering from cancer, and having family issues as well, I quickly got lost and A.J. was definitely there to guide me, which was really nice.

Walking into her room, I would feel a heavy weight on my chest, but leaving I could actually breathe and be somewhat calm.  A.J. is by far one of the best counselors and human beings I have yet to meet.  In my opinion, she's really genuine and is always there for your best interest - and I will continue to visit her as time goes on.

- Client, age 16

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