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"I learned to control my anger, I learned ways to cope with home, and I received the guidance that I needed. All I can say now is "Thank you, A.J., I'm a better me, because of you!"

- Client, age 18



Teenage years are fraught with change and difficulty. At Thrive Counseling we privacy, healing, comfort, and dependability.


At Thrive Counseling we strive for wellness.  We work with you to build, rebuild and strengthen relationships, self-esteem and personal value.


All couples invited. We discuss areas that are of interest to you:

  • Relationship
  • Pre-Marital
  • Marital
  • Post-Marital


One-on-one sessions help to provide clarity.  Time is maximized as we journey together, side by side.

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Change is difficult, and it is important to recognize the accomplishment of taking the first right step toward this process! 

You have taken that step and you are initiating that change.  Allow us at Thrive Counseling to Keep.Moving.Forward with you.  Our goal is to start the journey with you, side by side, and to travel together over whatever terrain lay in our path.  No journey is easy but we will be together every step of the way.  As with all journeys the destination is the prize.   The destination is not too far away and together we will map out a route to reach it.

At Thrive, it is our mission to:

  • Renew hearts and minds through quality professional counseling.
  • Instill hope through support and encouragement.
  • Enrich well being through the promotion of personal value and self esteem.
  • Accomplish this with the highest integrity and confidentiality possible.

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